Wuggs - Tasmanian wallaby fur and sweat free ugg boots

Luxurious, sustainable comfort
in an eco-friendly boot

Tasmanian wallaby leather is special – there’s nothing like it in the world. The fur regulates temperature, wicks away moisture, and reduces odour. The leather has a unique structure that is lighter and stronger than any other leather, making for an incredibly cosy and comfortable boot.


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Wallaby Leather is incredibly soft Wuggs Tasmanian Wallaby Fur Boots Sustainable and Ethically Produced

Wallaby Leather is Incredibly Soft

The collagen fibres within wallaby hide are fine, concentrated, highly uniform, and parallel to the surface of the skin, unlike the irregular bundled fibres of other leather. This tightly woven structure means that wallaby leather can be thinner and therefore softer, yet retain much more strength than is possible with other leather.

Luxurious, warm wallaby fur

Tasmania is the last land-mass before Antarctica, so we know a thing or two about keeping warm. Wuggs are made from Tasmanian wallaby fur, which is among the softest, natural fibres you will ever feel – providing velvety, warm comfort that will sweep you off your feet.

Wugg Boot Top Wuggs Tasmanian Wallaby Fur Boots Sustainable and Ethically Produced
Wuggs Tasmanian Wallaby Fur Boots Sustainable and Ethically Produced

Minimising Waste

All Wuggs are made from the fur of Tasmanian wallaby processed for meat. Turning the skins into Wuggs enables us to close the loop and value add this great product, rather than sending them to landfill (which breaks our hearts).

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