Wuggs Tasmanian Wallaby Fur Boots Sustainable and Ethically Produced


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Tasmania's Ugg Boot

Luxurious & warm wallaby fur

Tasmania is the last land-mass before Antarctica, so we know a thing or two about keeping warm. Wuggs are made from Tasmanian wallaby fur, which is among the softest, natural fibre you will ever feel – providing velvety, warm comfort that will sweep you off your feet.

Wallaby Wuggs Wallaby fur boots

Low carbon footprint

Wallabies emit almost no methane, meaning you can wear Wuggs with a carbon free conscience. Wallabies also use far less water than domestic animals. Wuggs are a by-product of wallaby meat production, so it makes wonderful environmental sense to use wallaby fur in an amazing product rather than discarding the skins. Wuggs are warm, soft, sustainable, and helping Australian farmers with an ethically-sourced product.

Minimising Waste

All Wuggs are made from the fur of Tasmanian wallabies processed for meat. Turning the skins into Wuggs enables us to close the loop and value add this great product, rather than sending the wallaby furs to landfill (which breaks our hearts).

Wuggs Tasmanian Wallaby Fur Boots Sustainable and Ethically Produced Inside View
Wuggs Tasmanian Wallaby Fur Boots Sustainable and Ethically Produced

Sweat free

Wuggs are lined with wallaby fur, which ‘breathes’ and allows moisture to dissipate. The result is no sweat and total comfort, especially if you wear them without socks!

100% Australian made

When we began our journey, we were adamant that our Wuggs be made in Australia. This provides local jobs, and ensures a local attention to detail. Wuggs are made to the same size patterns as all other shoes. (See our size chart for the right fit for you.)

A great back story

Wuggs is an off-shoot of Lenah Game Meats, which was established in 1992 by John & Katrina Kelly and Sally Bruen. Lenah’s vision was to develop an industry based on the animals which belong to our land and to which our land is adapted.


Wallaby leather is incredibly soft

The collagen fibres within wallaby hide are fine, concentrated, highly uniform, and parallel to the surface of the skin, unlike the irregular bundled fibres of other leather. This tightly woven structure means that wallaby leather can be thinner and therefore softer, yet retain much more strength than is possible with other leather.


Sustainability is central to everything we do. Wallaby skins are a by-product of our meat production, and we utilize the wallaby resource responsibly. Every aspect of our harvest and production is tightly controlled by the government to ensure it’s sustainable and humane.

Wuggs Tasmanian Wallaby Fur Boots Sustainable and Ethically Produced

Reinforced heel for support

Our wallaby ugg boots are designed with comfort in mind. The shape is made with a reinforced heel to help support your feet, and a sturdier seam for a longer-lasting ugg boot.

Authentic hot iron brand

Wuggs are possibly the most unique ugg boot on the market, and to enhance their personal appeal we hand-brand each one with a hot-iron brand.

Wallaby Leather is incredibly soft Wuggs Tasmanian Wallaby Fur Boots Sustainable and Ethically Produced

‘Love at first touch’ guarantee

We have a ‘love at first touch’ guarantee. If you don’t fall in love with your Wuggs at first touch, we’ll take them back – no questions asked.

A Great Backstory

John is a fifth-generation beef producer, a professional agriculturalist who has worked in the cattle and sheep industries from the Northern Territory to Tasmania. However, he decided to try to find a better way of utilising our land than by grazing it with exotic, hard-hoofed animals. He quit his dream job with the Tasmanian Department of Agriculture to set up Lenah and began producing wallaby and possum products. Lenah is the Tasmanian Aboriginal word for ‘wallaby’.

Twenty years later, wallaby is now a staple in Tasmanian supermarkets and rapidly gaining popularity on ‘the mainland’. John has been fond of saying that ‘wallaby has been the red meat of choice amongst discerning Tasmanian diners for 40,000 years. It’s only in the last 100 years or so that there’s been a hiccup in its marketing program, we’re just correcting that.’ Well, it’s the same with Wuggs, they are a by-product of this program.

Katrina Kelly, John Kelly and Sally Bruen Wuggs Tasmanian Wallaby Fur Boots Sustainable and Ethically Produced
John Kelly Founder of Wuggs Tasmanian Wallaby Fur Boots Sustainable and Ethically Produced

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