Exploring the Features of Wuggs and why Wuggs are sustainably AWESOME!

First point I want to make very clear (yes, I’ve seen the misinformation online) is that no animals are killed just for their skins. The skins and furs used to make Wuggs, come from the by-product of meat production. Instead of seeing these skins in landfill (which is responsible for around 11% of methane creation) we would prefer to put them to good use. As my grandmother always said, you waste nothing, you’ll want for nothing.

So, what makes Wuggs stand out from the crowd?

There was a lot of thought that went into the creation of Wuggs, and a part of that thought process was, how to counteract some issues with other boots on the market.

Sweat build up and odor was one of those issues. I’ve been there, and not the most nose pleasing of situations. Wuggs are lined with Wallaby fur fibers, not wool which allows heat to dissipate differently preventing build up and making Wuggs virtually sweat free. This within itself, (well at least for me) is a victory and is backed by RMIT University research

Wugg creators had RMIT university test Wuggs and compare them to sheep skin ugg boots. The results were interesting. They found that not only are Wuggs sweat free, but also that the Wallaby Leather is softer, lighter, and also stronger than sheep skin.

But it doesn’t stop there. The creators of Wuggs, also want Wuggs to have a long longevity, be sustainable and Australian made.

Wuggs have a reinforced heel. Not only does it support longevity of Wuggs, by helping them to keep their shape longer, but also adds added support for your foot, by increasing stability – and who doesn’t want that.

Wallaby fur is incredibly soft, warm and the soles are designed with added grip to be non-slip. All Wuggs are made here in Australia and are individually hand branded for a personal touch.