• Luxurious, sustainable, comfort
  • Love at First Touch Guarantee  
  • Comfortable and warm
  • Eco friendly Tasmanian product

Wuggs are sensationally warm and soft, simply a great boot.

Wuggs are made from Tasmanian wallaby fur as a by-product of our sustainable wallaby meat harvest.

Wuggs are a softer, warmer and more comfortable boot featuring;

  • Ultra, luxurious wallaby fur lining
  • Wallaby leather is unique, it's stronger and softer than any other leather
  • Wallaby fur allows your feet to breathe, avoiding sweat and odour accumulation
  • Planet friendly credentials - wallabies don't emit methane, so you can wear our boots with a carbon free conscience.

Encompassing all the features of the classic Ugg boot, the Wugg boot is trimmed with hand selected wallaby fur, adding extra comfort and warmth.


Uniquely Australian - Possum Alpaca Blend 8 Ply

Fibre Naturally’s possum yarn is a luxury blend of finest alpaca and Australian merino combined with OUR beautiful Tasmanian possum creating a yarn of light natural tones so soft it almost melts. 

Totally 100% Australian grown and processed. Yarn may contain a small amount of vegetable matter, as it is difficult to completely remove due to our environmentally friendly processing methods and the fineness of the fleeces used.  Yarns are not superwashed or carbonised 

All yarns are individual small batches. We suggest that you obtain sufficient amount of yarn for any project you are doing.

70% Alpaca/ 15% Possum/ 15% Merino - 8 Ply

Approx 210 metres/100 gm

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